I call myself a Renaissance woman. I will try anything pertaining to art at least once. I'm always experimenting , learning and Changing.

My work has the feel if a scholar due to the many hours of academic study. I have attended classes in Fine Art at Augusta University, University of South Florida, Hillsborough Community College, Daytona Beach Community College as well as several private schools of art. Most of my classes in Colleges and Universities have been art related.

My paintings start with reality. I work from still-life set ups. I look for movement and relationships between the articles. I look for repetition in shapes and negative space. I enhance what I see happening naturally. The drama of contrast is emphasized in both valued and hue. I love splashing around color and watching it react to the other colors on a canvas. The choice of one color against another will produce a chosen mood and/or emotion. The placement of real texture next to perceived texture emulates drama and excitement. I use line to imitate movement. I work through the process, stretching my limits in all directions. Some of the work is OK and some I "do over". I work with both oil and acrylics. I use paper, canvas and wood panels for the supports. 

Then some how it is no longer just paint.

Its ART!







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