Margaret Toelle Hovan

46 Lazy Eight Drive

Port Orange, Fl. 32128 


My name is Toelle Hovan. I paint in both oil and Acrylics. Most of my work is still-life from the ‘stuff’ I collect.  I have been painting most of my life. My first blue ribbon was from a painting I did in First grade and that recognition set the course of my life.  My Art education started with classes in a local art club in Augusta,Ga. in the late 60’s then advanced to Colleges and Universities and I am still studying.


I studied at Augusta Collage for one and a half years then moved to Tampa Florida. In Tampa I studied at USF until the money ran out. Then I went a more economical route and entered classes at Hillsborough Community College where I studied painting, 

ceramics, Printmaking and Photography. I was there until I had exceeded the number of credits you were allowed. Problem there was almost all my credits were Art related.


My ‘professional’ aspirations started in about 1984 with a local street show in Tampa, Fl. I worked that first show with paintings , photographs and Ceramics. I later learned to edit my work and decide on a direction for my art. I won numerous awards and even one best of show. I discovered that I was a very tactile person and smearing paint around until it took on the illusion of objects was where my heart belonged. 


In 1993 I met a man with an airplane who literly flew into my life and captured my heart. We married the next year and I moved across to the East cost of Florida.


With a new husband came the discovery I would have to share my space with another human being. I was use to painting in my home and now had to confine my ‘mess’ to the Garage. I tried Watercolors so I could come inside to work but that was not for me. I discovered Acrylics were not as awful as they were back in the 70’s and I set out to learn to use them. I took some classes at Daytona Beach Community College and practiced a lot. Soon I was making Art again.


I now decided I was ready to ‘go on the road’ with my work. I applied to and was accepted into Shows up and down both costs of Florida. I was using chairs as my subject and soon became “the Chair Lady.”  But as you know we Creative people get Board. and so it was with my chairs after 3 years. I went back to my old stand by, Still-life. In 1999 my daughter came back from Germany with her husband and a baby boy. He had some medical problems so I agreed to take care of him so his parents could work. I tried to keep up with the shows but it was not to be.


I had joined some of the local art clubs and started to teach at the art league in Daytona Beach. I showed my work in local art club shows and won some awards. I also taught and showed my work at the Art Affair Gallery in Sanford, Fl. I had several gallery shows at The James Harper Gallery in Ormond Beach ,Fl. I have shown my work in Numerous venues in the Daytona Beach area with different organizations. I had my work in a gallery in Flagler Beach for a few years and gave workshops there. 


My teaching helped me learn more and more about my craft. I have enjoyed teaching in my studio but have found I have isolated myself. I am now seeking venues in another organization where I may show my work, teach and give demonstrations. I have joined a Group of about 75 artist in New Smyrna Beach, Fl. We are buying a building where we show our work, give dimonstrations, and classes. I have been asked to teach a youth group that we are still trying to put togeather.


My newest Work is starting to get loser in Acrylics, but Oil still gets me to slowdown and paint tighter. I enjoy painting still-life and looking for interesting objects to paint. I spend a lot of time rumaging in ‘junk stors’ and ‘Thrift Shops’. Let me just say, “Life just gets better with age!”

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