I am a still-life painter. I work with both oil and acrylic paints. For me painting is not a recreation of reality, but a response to it. To paint, is to balance color, line, texture, and space creating a new reality. What I “do” becomes more than the paint and canvas. My intention is to create images that compel the viewer to interact with the piece on an intellectual level, evoking an emotional response.


My work starts with reality.
Set ups from the stuff I have around my home and studio.
I do sketches to see how it all fits on a surface.
I look for relationships and repetition.
I play with color.
I want to know how one color will react next to another.
I let texture play a part in the drama.
Line will imitate movement.
Value emulates mood.
Somehow, it seems to be more than just a still-life:



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